Colors for different activities

Solid lenses

Designed for all uses. High visibility, optimal for sunny days. Made with Nylon, of standard optical quality and light in weight, with a thin thickness and high resistance to scratching and impact.

Gradient Lenses

Ideal for cloudy days and hours or areas with little sun. Low visibility, can be worn for driving and outdoor sports. Manufactured with CR39, of high optical quality, thickness, weight and standard scratch and impact resistance.

Mirror Lenses

They protect the eyes from the intense light recommended for outdoor sports. They reduce the risk of eye fatigue. High Visibility. Made with TAC, light in weight and standard thickness. High resistance to scratching and impact.

Manufactured with Eco materials

New collections made up of Ecological Cellulose acetates. The composition of ECO glasses has hardly any Phthalate (a chemical compound used as a plasticizer), they respect the environment and their compounds are created from recyclable materials. This type of Acetates provide greater resistance to shocks and are antiallergic.

Protection for your eyes

It means that the lenses will block radiation equal to or less than 400 nanometers, which covers both UVA and UVB rays. It is the protection recommended by all ophthalmology societies for sunglasses. A sun glass must always block between 99% and 100% UVA and UVB rays, an effect that is achieved with UV 400 Protection.

It blocks reflected light and only lets through useful light providing a sharper and higher contrast vision by eliminating reflections. Visual acuity is lost and the images can get somewhat distorted, especially if they pass through a pre-filter (car windshield, screens, etc.).

Non polarized
Non-polarized lenses are recommended when the light or image does not reach you directly through a pre-filter (through the car's windshield, reflected in the snow and / or water, to look at digital screens).

AR Filter
It helps to neutralize a particular blue wavelength in the normal spectrum of light, preventing fatigue, visual stress, reducing glare and improving color contrast for a more comfortable and relaxed vision.

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